Summer wardrobe update

The season is changing, that means it’s time to update my wardrobe. It’s always a good idea to add a few new items with the changing of season to update your look. I’ve picked out a few items I will be picking up at Mr Price and Ackermans. I can’t wait to wear a few of these items out while having cocktails while watching the sun set. One Pina Colada please!

Denim chambray dress with belt

This lovely chambray dress with lace detail. It’s knee length and comes with a belt to accentuate the waist. I like the lace detail as it adds a more girly touch to the dress.

Tropical joggers

Aaah joggers. Is this not the best addition to the fashion world? As comfy as pajama bottoms, but acceptable to wear out in public. I am definitely adding another pair to my wardrobe.


This printed Kimono is so pretty. I can see myself strolling next to the beach with a light breeze blowing this flowy kimono making me look like I’m on a fashion shoot.

stripe top

For the not-so-summer days, this mid lenght top is perfect. You can dress it up with a skater skirt or down with some jeans. A perfect staple item.

White strappy wedge heel

On to shoes. This wedge heel is just the perfect height. The strappy details add just a touch off professional to make this acceptable for work. This can be worn with all of the above items, which makes it must have.

Crossbody bag

Lastly I have this strap handbag with stud details. It’s just the right size to carry the essentials with you.

My friend over at My grand Adventure begins also did a summer wardrobe post, and you can check that out here.

Mona – off to the shops!


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