5 of my Favorite things

My blog is fairly new, and I realized that you don’t know much about me. I thought of making a little post to remedy this problem. After reading this you will know a little bit more about me.  Queue Julie Andrews These are a few of my favorite things.

First favorite


 That would be hands down, coffee. I cannot live without it. I think it has gone past love and straight into addiction. My favorite brand is Nescafe. I can’t go a day without having at least two cups. Coffee is my in sickness and in health. Not even hot weather can stop me from drinking a nice cuppa.

Second favorite


Bounty bar. I don’t know if it’s available everywhere, but I adore this chocolate (and any chocolate really) so much. I discovered this one not too long ago. I love coconut flavored things, I’m looking at you Lamington! This is just a quick on the go way to get my fix.

Third favorite


Naps. Yes, you read right. I like naps. This is not just for babies or old people.  I truly believe taking an hour and just catching a few winks makes me happy. Of course I get to wake up to coffee yet again, which makes it even better. What’s nicer than dozing in the afternoon sun with your pets for a little while?

Fourth favorite


Reading. I have taken a break with my reading hobby some time after school. I think life has just gotten too busy, but I have changed that this year. I read in my lunch break and oh boy is it good to be back in all those fantasy worlds. My new year resolution was to read just five books this year, and I am currently on book six with another three months to go. I have just fallen back in love with reading. I am currently reading The way of the Shadows by Brent Weeks, a bit of a different read for me. Has anybody else read this trilogy? I found it difficult to get into, but have now gotten use to Brent’s style of writing.

Fifth favorite


Bubble baths. Is it just not the best thing after a long day to run a bath and relax in bubbles? With the big range of products available you don’t have to take the same bath two nights in a row. If you really want to go all out you can get some relaxing music and burn some candles. Now that’s what I call a good night.

Hopefully you know me a little bit better now. We maybe even share some interest, I’d be happy to hear.

Mona – drinking coffee


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