My Typo Wish List

My friend Marlize over at My Grand Adventure Begins and I have been chatting about all the lovely things we want at Typo. We wanted to share our wish lists with you. You can check hers out here.

For those of you who doesn’t know what kind of shop Typo is, you can check out their website here. It is by far my most favourite shop in the mall. I can wander and check out all the awesome items they have for hours. They sell stationary, gifts and miscellaneous items.

Travel mug

First up I have this travel mug. I have a coffee addiction, so bigger mug means more coffee! With the travel lid I can have coffee on the go. Score!

NotebookI love this notebook. It’s so quirky. I would write down all the blog idea I get when I’m out and about.

Pencil caseA quote to live by. Always stay positive and work towards your goal! This pencil case I will use for pencils or small make up items.

Coloring bookThe biggest craze at the moment is coloring books for adults. They have more intricate pictures and can help calm you down after a stressfull day. This will keep me busy for hours.

LampThis rose gold lamp is so beautiful. This would help with the lighting for my videos and also just be a nice decor piece.

HexagonThe next items ties in with the lamp and will help create a

theme for a room. This would look so pretty with a succulent or fairy lights inside it.

Dog bow tieIs this not the cutest! I would love to have a bowtie on my dogs! They would look so dapper!

Camera stand

My last item is a camera stand. This would make filming videos so much easier.

Mona – wishing away!



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