Beach essentials

With Spring in full swing and our Summer almost here, I thought it would be appropriate to do a beach essentials post. Our Summers get really hot and with the beach only 10 minutes away I will be visiting it frequently.

I will be starting with the sun protection first, and the most important item is; sunscreen. I have a very fair skin, so I have chosen to go with a SPF of 50. I got mine in a nifty little spray bottle, so it is easy to apply. Remember to continuously top up if you are going to spend a long time in the sun. Next would be a hat, mine is not very big, but will protect my scalp from the rays as well us keep a little bit of sun out of my face. Lastly I have a pair of sunglasses to keep the glare out of my eyes.

Now, going to the beach you want to be a comfy as possible to just laze away the day. Here is the items which I think helps. My bamboo tanning mat. It rolls up and has a shoulder sling to make it super easy to transport around. This also helps keeping the sand of your towel as nobody likes having a sandy towel, especially after a dip in the water. I would recommend to bring along something to entertain yourself if you easily get bored. I would bring a book to catch up on some reading. You could also compile a nice playlist on your mp3 and listen to that. I would not recommend listening to music on your phone all day as this would drain your battery pretty fast. I prefer storing my more valuable items like my phone and handbag in the trunk of my car as I don’t like getting everything full of sand.

Remember to keep hydrated! Bringing a water bottle is a must if there is no concessions stands close by. Mine has an infuser bottom, so I can add strawberries or mint leaves and add some flavor to my water. Such a treat!

On to the outfit, a swimsuit of course. A bikini or a full piece, whatever you are comfy in. I am chuffed I found a galaxy print one. A quite loose fitting dress will keep you cool or if you’re confident enough, you can just strut in your bathing suit. I prefer to cover up. I also like to take a spare t-shirt to wear after a swimming session as you don’t want to get your outfit you’re wearing on the drive back all wet. Lastly a big floppy bag to carry everything in should definitely be on your list. It makes trudging through the sand to find your spot so much easier. My mom made this awesome one for me, she is really good at sewing.

If you have the extra funds, a big beach umbrella is also a good idea to just keep your area cool and also make it easier to find after a dip in the water.

Remember to shake off extra sand and rinse of your feet before you get in the car to head back home! It seems your beach trip follows you around for ages in the form of sand everywhere.

Mona – feet in the sand, looking at the waters


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