I’ve got a badge for that!

Today I thought I’d share my pointless collection with you. I have been collecting badges since high school and have build up quite a collection. You can read more about the history of badges here. I use to pin them to my school bag, I thought some of them expressed my thoughts quite well. I’ve gotten these from magazines, shops, concerts and some I have even made / modified. I don’t use them as much anymore, but I can’t seem to part with them. Any ideas of how I can incorporate them in decor or use them besides on clothing / bags?

I’ve picked out six of my favorite of my collection:

My six favorite badges

My six favorite badges

From top left :

{I love me – Who doesn’t love themselves?! } {ASS CUZE ME – for some sassy attitude } { I don’t Discriminate I hate everyone – We all have one of those days } {I am the Boss – because I AM the boss 😛 } {I don’t like your attitude either – Coz haters gonna hate! } { Rainbow! – because it is so colorful! }

I had some cool / random stickers, so I thought I would modify some non-interesting badges I had. I quite liked having unique badges to put on my bag. Here is some of the modified ones:

Updated badges

Updated badges

Let me know in the comments what pointless collection you own. I’d love to hear if anybody else is also into collecting badges.

Mona – covered in badges


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