You smell amazing!

Today I thought I would try my hand at a different kind of post. I’ve mainly been doing book reviews and some random posts with my thoughts on things. I want to start blogging about fashion and/or beauty. Here is my first beauty related post.

I want to share my perfume collection with you. I only have three scents I’m currently loving. I tend to go for the lighter sweeter scents.

First up I have Purr by Katy Perry.


Purr by Katy Perry

Is the packaging not just the cutest! I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift set. The box included the necklace seen in the photo as well as a shimmering body lotion. The necklace opens up an has solid perfume to apply to your wrists or behind your ears. The scent is described as, fresh with a citrus twist which also features peach nectar and apple with green bamboo. It also includes a “delicate bouquet of jasmine blossom, pink freesia and Bulgarian rose, balanced by vanilla orchid, white amber, creamy sandalwood and musk.”

Secondly I have Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by DKNY


Fresh Blossom DKNY

This is the newest addition to my collection. I have been spritzing the tester on me every time we visit the shop, until I could afford to buy a little bottle for myself. I absolutely love this fragrance. It’s a very feminine sweet smell. This is also the perfume I chose to wear on my wedding day, now whenever I smell it, it reminds me of that day. The fragrance includes scents of grapefruit, cassis, apricot, maguet, rose, jasmine and apple.

Lastly I have Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne

Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne

Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne

The perfume bottle is quite pretty, the lid looks like a black rose. This was the first perfume I owned. My husband bought this for me as a Christmas gift way back when we started dating. I have been using it sparingly and it is now almost done. The perfume bottle included a ring that was packaged around the bottle neck. The ring unfortunately is too big for me, so I haven’t been able to wear it. The scent features notes of red apple, winepeach, black pepper, lotusflower, heliotrope, shellflower, praline agreement, sandalwood, and vanilla.

*All info on the scents were retrieved from the fragrance’s websites and Wikipedia.


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