Dear future me

I’ve recently seen a post of somebody writing a letter to themselves to be read sometime in the future.Β  I thought, why not do that too? So here goes. I plan to read this again in 2 years time, then I will be 28, eek!

Dearest Monique

You have started on this internet journey of Youtube and blogging, did you reach your goals? Today you had so many ideas for blogs entries, I’m hoping you actually sat down and done them? By now you should hopefully be out of the flat and either be renting or paying off a house of your own. That flat is just not big enough for the beast named Loki. I hope the doggies are still healthy and well and that Loki has not eaten everything we own.

How far is your savings to go visit New York? You have two years left if you want to see it before you turn 30! Have you traveled anywhere out of South Africa since Botswana? Are you still working at the same place? It’s been seven years now, remember change is good. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Is Dylan’s business off the ground and doing well? Today the website was launched to check if everything worked, it was exciting. He has so many big dreams for that. Are you still happily married? You’ve been together eight years now!

Have you finally made more friends to spend your weekends with? Stop being such an introvert!

Here is hoping you are healthy and happy and that your goals are met and exceeded.

Mona – from the past

I feel like such an idiot! Guessing I will feel more so in two years when I read this back. I challenge you do to the same. See how you grow and how your goals have changed.



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