Book Review: Severed Souls – Terry Goodkind

It took me some time, but I have finally finished this series up to date. However, Terry Goodkind has announced that there will be a final book named Warheart, ending this series. It is expected to be released in November 2015. I have thoroughly enjoyed the series up to this point. This book ends in a sad way, but with so many open ends, another book was to be expected.

The story continues on from the previous book, read my review here.

Richard and Kahlan still has the stain of death within them which can only be removed within a containment field at the People’s Palace in D’hara. As they try to make their way out of the Dark Lands, they get attacked by half people causing them to loose precious time to get back to the palace. With a traitor in their midst, they get persuaded to head to Saveedra in the Dark Lands, where there is believed to be a containment field.

After encountering many more obstacles, they reach town only to realize it was a trap. Some fights break out and a few characters are killed. With time running out fast, Richard gives Kahlan the ultimate gift, where the book ends.

Realizing the issue of Hannis Arc and the risen dead Emperor Suluchan on their way to take over the entire D’haran Empire hasn’t been addressed in this book, I am happy there is a final book ending off all the open ends.

I am looking forward to buying the final book when it gets released, which I will then give you a review on as soon as I am finished.

Mona – waiting in excitement


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