Book review : The Third Kingdom – Terry Goodkind

Oh my goodness! I have literally just put this book down. What an epic read. This book is part of a series, read my review on the previous one here.

The story continues where Kahlan and Richard are found in the remains of the now dead Hedge Maid that held them captive. It is soon discovered that they have death within them and are both without their powers. This happened when the Hedge maid was killed. This can only be cured by Nicci and Richard’s grandfather who has the gift. It can however only be cured at the People’s palace within a containment field.

While travelling back to the palace they are ambushed by half people. These are people without souls. These people believe that they can “steal” your soul by eating your flesh and drinking your blood. Richard and Kahlan being unconscious because of their injuries sustained at the Hedge maid is not found in the back of the wagon, but the others are killed or taken captive.

Without giving away too much of the plot, this leads to and epic, violence filled journey to the Third Kingdom to rescue his friends. The Third Kingdom being a place where these half people without souls where locked away for centuries, but the barrier keeping them there has failed. There is also a new threat to deal with named Hannis Arc, he has plans to be the ruler of the D’haran Empire which Richard is the ruler of. Hannis deals with occult powers and has powers that can summon the death back to life. He is a force to be reckoned with as he has an endless army of reanimated death on his side.

This book ends with an open end, and continues with the next book named Severed Souls, which I will be starting with shortly.

Mona – already reading the next book


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