Book Review : The Omen machine – Terry Goodkind

I have just finished this book. It was good to finally get to the end after I started a while ago and then stopped reading for a few months.

This book is a bit of a harder read if that makes sense? I have however decided to not review this book in depth.  This book forms part of the series Sword of Truth. An epic love story between Richard and Kahlan that takes places in some magical world. It was adapted into a tv series under the name Legend of the Seeker, but was cancelled after two seasons. I do not think the tv series did the books justice as major characer’s role were changed from the first episode. I suggest you read the books. Here are all the book covers.


The Omen machine was released some while after these and continues on the characters used in the series.  For that reason you have to know the back story of these richly developed characters. There is references to past events that would simply not makes sense if you started with this book.

Here is a quick summary of what happens in The Omen Machine. Richard discovers an Omen machine under his palace garden. This machine issues prophecies. They are always dark. People all around the palace is also giving out prophecies which then comes true. Kahlan is scratched by a boy named Hendrik controlled by the Hedge Maid, Jit. She is compelled to go to where the Maid lives. Jit lives in the dark lands which is associated with death. Kahlan is captured and Richard follows her and tries to save her.

I highly recommend this series if you are into fantasy and love stories. Terry Goodkind is an excellent writer that has a way of painting a whole scene using words. I always feel like I escape to this world he created whenever I read his books.

Mona – feeling magical


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