Date night

Dylan and I have been together for 6 year this past weekend. I thought back to the begining where date night was dressing up and going to a nice restaurant. It has really changed over the years to, sweets and snacks in bed while we binge watch a series. I like either of these, because I still get to spend time with Dylan, but sometimes I do feel like I want to get dressed up and go somewhere without a drive through.

I have looked up restaurants in my area, and have found that there are numerous places we have never been to. I think that sometimes we get stuck in a rut always frequinting the same places and ordering the same food. It’s good to find a new favourite place, and that’s why I have decided that I want to eat at atleast 5 new places before the end of the year. Some places are more pricey, but you should treat yourself every now and then.

I have also decided to do a little rating of the place we visit, as you sometimes forget what you liked and what you didn’t. I will be scoring it in the following categories: price, ambience, quality and portion of food. I might also have a little side note of the attitude of staff in general and if I enjoyed my experience there. There is nothing like a sulky or rude waiter to put you off a place.

I challenge you to do the same. I might even write little stories / reviews about every place we go to for any of you who also live in George, Western Cape (South Africa). It’s good to share and talk about experiences. With my little review you might even find your new favourite place!

Until next date night.

Mona – always hungry



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