I wrote yesterday about how it sucks coming back to reality. I thought I should tell you more about this magical honeymoon (non sexy bits) to give you an idea of what I am now longing to go back to.

We honeymooned in Botswana. We visited two camps during our stay. I say camping, but it’s more glamping. You have all the luxuries of normal life, except wifi. BUT, you go camping to get away from that, right?

We took a little six seater plane to get to the camp via Maun. This was only my second time flying. I was quite nervous, but it was such an awesome experience.

Our first camp was called Xakanaxa. Try saying that sober. You get treated like royalty while they feed you into a food coma. There’s buffet style breakfast, then you leave on your first activity where you stop for a coffee break with treats. You arrive back brunch time, with more buffet style dining. You then have free time to swim/ read/ sleep till afternoon tea time. There you get a sweet and savoury treat while you wait to depart on the afternoon activity. You also get treated to sundowners during the activity and come back to a three course dinner. You can then retreat to the fireplace with a drink and talk about your day with all the guests. There is an open bar where you can have anything at any time during your stay. By just this paragraph I would have been sold to go to this place. I am somewhat of a food lover.

Next I should probably tell you about the wildlife, since this was a safari trip. We saw a lion, it was meters (yes I use the metric system, it’s just smarter)Β  away from the Rover. I can also say the Rovers are pretty awesome vehicles, we went through semi rivers with those things! We saw various game, and was spoiled to see the leopard eating it’s prey in the tree. A bit gory, but still an amazing sight to behold in real life. There was hippo, crocs and an assortment of birds. We even spotted a honey badger! Those things are quite camera shy thou. Had a close encourter with hippo and even an elephant.

The second camp was Shinde. We were boat transfered from Xakanaxa to here. In addition to the food experience mentioned above, they also did a wake up call with coffee. Yes please! I love being woken up with coffee. The hosts at this camp was the best. They treated the whole group to dinner under the stars in the bush. They also did a special dinner for two on our bedroom’s deck. It was a special evening I will always remember.

We only stayed for five days, but it felt like weeks went by being in this little piece of paradise. I cannot wait to go back. Hubby and I are planning to return for our five year anniversary. Till then I will go through the photos to relive this memorable week in my life.

I highly recommend these places if you want the “Africa” experience.

Mona – wishing she could time travel.


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