Back to reality

I’m coming off my happy cloud of honeymoon bliss and getting back to reality. We did the whole African safari thing. It was AMAZING. I would totally recommend it. There’s nothing like seeing wild animals up close. So close you would think they’re normal house pets.

Now I’m back at my desk. Looking at piles of paper wondering when I will be able to get away from here. I was semi-content with my life before this holiday. Then I travelled for the first time and I realized that life is not meant to be like this. How did I take so long to see more of this world?? Unfortunately holidays aren’t cheap, and I will be here, behind this desk for some time before I can escape to a better place.

Is there a quick fix to this “normal life blues”? Or is everybody just going through life being semi-content with everything? Will I forever be dreaming of a more exciting life than data capturing?

I think it’s time for a change. Small steps in the right direction brings you closer to your end goal.

Watch this space.

Mona – being positive


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